Losing the Baby Weight Post-Pregnancy

I worked very hard prior to getting pregnant to prepare my body to carry a baby and to generally be in good shape to make a pregnancy easier. As I did so, it was also my goal to make losing the baby weight post-pregnancy easier as well. That preparation along with staying active doing the pregnancy and eating a relatively balanced diet helped me stay within the guidelines of how much I was “supposed” to gain throughout the pregnancy.

Losing weight is never easy, especially after pregnancy. Check out this plan for losing the baby weight post-pregnancy and learn a few tips to help.

While some of the weight did come off once Baby Girl was born and will continue to gradually come off with breastfeeding, it’s my goal to get back in a good routine and lose the leftover baby weight. I’ve allowed myself a bit of a break in these first few weeks to adjust to mommyhood and will continue to do so as needed while breastfeeding; however, I also have a plan in place to help me stick to my goals. And these aren’t really specific to losing weight after having a baby as I wanted to be able to continue with my efforts even after I’ve lost the baby weight. So, if you’re looking to lose a little weight yourself or just want to tone up and get in better shape, consider these options.

1. Dial In Nutrition

Pregnancy really helped me learn how to feed my body better as far as eating intuitively and choosing foods for their nutritional benefits rather than solely their taste. However, I want to take this even further to support my weight loss goals and provide Baby Girl with optimal nutrition. To do so, I am actually following the 21 Day Fix meal plan. The plan has helped me to see exactly how many servings of each food group I need per day as well as what realistic portion sizes are. I’m eating a more balanced diet and because I’m actually feeding my body well, I don’t feel deprived or hungry.

2. Hone In Workouts

Obviously, getting active is another portion of my weight loss effort. I’m not able to do anything too strenuous yet, but I’ve been taking at least one if not two walks daily with Baby Girl. And, once I get the go ahead, I’m going to start the 21 Day Fix workouts. I’m so excited for these because I’ll be able to get in a targeted workout in 30 minutes or less. That’s perfect for a new mom!

Losing weight is never easy, especially after pregnancy. Check out this plan for losing the baby weight post-pregnancy and learn a few tips to help.

3. Practice Patience

While getting back in shape is definitely on my list of priorities right now, Baby Girl is my top priority. I want to be able to support her nutritional needs as well as care for her well. That being said, being patient is also part of my plan. I know I’m adjusting to a whole new type of normal and that my body has changed significantly to support the needs of my sweet babe. So, I do plan on allowing myself the time I need to recover from delivery and to lose the weight, even if that means putting off part of my plan to be able to support breastfeeding or other baby care needs.

So, that’s my basic plan for losing the baby weight along with setting specific goals and tracking my progress, I’ll be using the elements of the 21 Day Fix to help me get back to where I want to be with my physical fitness. What are your best tips for losing weight? Do you have a “go-to” plan that helps you?

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