Living Contently Is Growing

Or, at least our family is! That’s right…We’re expecting a baby, and we couldn’t be more excited!Join us in welcoming a new baby to our family! God's blessings are abundant and constantly reinforce our effort toward living contently.

You may have seen our announcement on social media a couple of weeks ago, but I decided I wanted to start documenting the pregnancy here, too. So, for a few of the details…

Due Date: September 30, 2015

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Symptoms: I had pretty frequent nausea throughout the first trimester, but that seems to have subsided for the most part. I’m still periodically nauseous and still require regular naps to keep my energy levels up. Other symptoms I’ve noticed are intense emotions (triggered by almost anything including commercials…) and crazy dreams (they really are real).

Cravings: Lemonade. I love the sweet, refreshing taste of lemonade, and I’m pretty sure this baby will, too, when he or she arrives.

Food Aversions: I had a number of aversions through the first trimester, but it seems those have subsided a bit, too. I still can’t handle the look, smell, or taste of pulled pork or other pork products right now.

Baby’s Size: the size of an avocado

Looking Forward To: Our 20 week appointment when we’ll get to find out the gender!

As we prepare to welcome our little bundle into our life and home, I’ll likely also be making a few changes around here. Obviously, part of those changes will include sharing periodic updates about the pregnancy as well as other pregnancy and health related topics.Join us in welcoming a new baby to our family! God's blessings are abundant and constantly reinforce our effort toward living contently.

I plan to stay home with my sweet little one when he or she arrives, but I realize caring for a new baby requires a good bit of extra attention. That being said, I’ll probably be changing my posting schedule in the next few months to free up a bit more time for caring for my sweet bundle, so look for the change coming soon, too.

I am so excited to share how our concept of Living Contently is growing, and I look forward to seeing how welcoming a baby into our lives leads to additional changes in our life. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you’ll stick around to see how our family continues growing and changing!

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations,” Jeremiah 1:5.

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