How Being Physically Fit Relates to Our Spirituality

I’ve struggled with weight issues for years. When I was a child I was always one of the chubby kids, so in middle school, I went on a self-induced weight loss plan and took it to the other extreme. It wasn’t really until I quit focusing on being skinny and started aiming for being healthy that my whole concept of being “fit” really changed.Being physically fit has implications that go deeper the surface level. Learn how physical fitness relates to our spirituality and apply it to your life.

Like I said, in middle school, my goal was to lose the chub, to get rid of the excess weight so that I could finally feel good about myself. But, why was my self-confidence contingent upon my looks? Well, it’s natural, but I hadn’t found where my worth really came from at that point, and once I did, I was able to get a better concept of being healthy and fit and why it actually matters.

Our health isn’t defined by a pants size or a number on the scale. Rather, health is about being able to be active and having a system that processes effectively. We’re able to achieve that level of wellness by maintaining a regular fitness plan, eating a balanced diet, and incorporating a healthy spiritual life.

So, how can we maintain this level of motivation? I already mentioned that my previous motivation was to be skinny, but after my focus shifted, I was able to look at being fit in a much healthier manner. That shift and focus came from understanding God’s intention about my health.

Ephesians 2:10 reminds us, “For we are God’s masterpiece, he has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” God made us in his image to be able to do the things He desires of us. If I don’t maintain my health, I’m not working toward achieving those things He intends for my life. And, I’m certainly not going to be able to carry out His plan later in my life.

Another verse that comes to mind is 1 Corinthians 6:19, “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own…” If I recognize my body as a temple that houses the Holy Spirt, why would I not be motivated to take care of it? I understand that this verse indicates the necessity to take care of more than my physical fitness, but if I’m not able to care for my body physically how can I begin to embody any of the other facets of healthy living?

Our physical fitness is related to our spirituality in that God intricately designed our body’s to function in a specific way – a way that involves caring for our bodies, eating healthful foods, and remaining active. Remaining healthy enables us then to further carry out God’s plan in our lives.

While I am obviously not pursuing any weight loss or extreme fitness goals presently, it is still my goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle to remain true to God’s purpose and intention for my life and to care for my sweet little one. As you pursue health and fitness goals, I hope that you, too, can see them through the eyes of being fit for a spiritual purpose and to achieve God’s intended purpose in your life.

2 thoughts on “How Being Physically Fit Relates to Our Spirituality

  1. Melanie Redd

    What a great post, Leesha – to link the spiritual and the physical in such a practical way.

    I thought this idea was especially good: “Remaining healthy enables us then to further carry out God’s plan in our lives.”

    Each time I lift weight, bike or walk, I think – I want to keep this body healthy so God can use me and so I can be here for my family.

    I came over on the #SHINE link up today, and I’m glad to find your post. I also followed you on Pinterest~


    1. Leesha Post author

      Thank you, Melanie! I hate to admit, but it’s taken me a while to see this connection. It’s so important to understand that carrying for our bodies is part of honoring God and allowing him to use us. Thanks for stopping by and following ! 🙂


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