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You know already that the holiday season can stress me out a bit, mainly because I try to cram too much do everything I can to make the holiday season memorable each year. Between trying to make memories and meeting my everyday obligations, though, my schedule packs up pretty fast, but this year, I plan to change all of that (well sort of). The best plan I have come up with for making memories this holiday season without getting overwhelmed is creating a Holiday Bucket List to stick to.

My Holiday Bucket List isn’t all-inclusive, but it contains the primary activities I want to participate in before the holidays are over. I am hoping by creating this list I’ll rein in my “do-it-all” mentality and focus on making these activities as memorable as each one can be. (You know I am all about making memories, no matter the season.)

So, without further ado, here is the list of holiday activities that made the cut. (Be sure to stick with me to the end of the list because I have a surprise for you!

Must-Do Holiday Activities

 1. Go to a Holiday Craft Show

I haven’t made it to one yet (as in I didn’t get to go to a fall craft fair), so this activity is at the top of my list. Craft shows are great for getting unique, handmade gifts, and I just love the atmosphere.

 2. Watch the Nutcracker

This one is already scheduled and on the list. As part of my dear husband’s birthday festivities, we are going on a date to see the Nutcracker performed by the Pittsburgh Ballet, and I could not be more excited. (He assures me he agreed to it thinking it would be a fun way to celebrate the holidays and kick off his birthday celebration, but I still think it had something to do with me begging him to go…)

 3. Send out Christmas Cards

We try to send a picture card each year with a little blurb of an update to all of our family and close friends. I need to get on the ball with this one too!

 4. Host a Cookie Exchange

I’ve always thought participating in a Cookie Exchange would be fun but never have had the chance. Stay tuned as I plan to share some of my tips for hosting one later in the month.

 5. Watch the Christmas Shoes

This is one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies. It makes me bawl like a baby cry every single time!

 6. Make Ornaments

Last year we made the cinnamon ornaments, but I haven’t decided what we’ll work on this year. I like to have handmade embellishments on the tree, and the husband humors me by making them with me.Christmas Ornaments


 7. Bake Christmas Cookies

I always make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and one of sugar cookies each year. The rest vary, but I really want to try a new recipe sometime this season.

 8. Go See the Lights

Every year, usually on Christmas Eve, we take a tour of the neighborhood to see all of the lights. This year we’ll get to add the local park to our list of must see light displays!

 9. Have Hot Cocoa by the Tree

There is just something about sipping a mug of hot cocoa by the tree! (Elf, anyone?) Anyway, we’ll probably do this at least once (or multiple times).Hot Cocoa

 10. Spend the Night by the Tree

I think part of my love of Christmas comes from getting to be like a kid again. This tradition is one that the mister and I started our first Christmas, and I hope to make it a regular family tradition once we have little ones too!

Now for the surprise! I want you to join me in making memories this holiday season, so I’m sharing my Holiday Bucket List with you as a free printable! Simply click the link to download and print it. Enjoy!Holiday Bucket List


















What are your favorite ways to make memories during the holiday season? Do you have any must-do holiday traditions?

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Bucket List

  1. Karen

    I have never seen the movie The Christmas Shoe before. I will have to see about watching that one! Love the printable you created! How festive! I have done a few on your bucket list! 🙂 I like going to the holiday craft fairs with all the vendors, send out Christmas cards, help my mom wrap presents, and bake the Christmas cookies, I enjoy the cut-out cookies too!
    Karen recently posted…A Delightful Holiday Goodie – Reindeer Cupcakes!My Profile

    1. Leesha Post author

      Oh, the Christmas Shoes (affiliate link if you are interested in purchasing) is simply one of my favorites. Have a box of tissues handy, though, or maybe it’s just me as I very sentimental.

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the printable. I am so excited for the holidays to start in full swing.

      Glad you stopped by!

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