Happy, Healthy Halloween

As we rounded the bend to yet another display and another handful of candy, one of the “treaters” said to me…”It’s your favorite night of the year, right?” As we laughed knowing that she was being sarcastic and making light of the fact that we typically try to keep our candy and namely sugar intake to a minimum, it made me think. I don’t necessarily love the onslaught of candy that the Halloween is known for, but truth be told, because our focus is balance, I don’t mind the occasional treat (or trick) here or there. I do try to do my best to keep it all in moderation, though, so I thought I’d share a few of my tips for enjoying a healthy and Happy Halloween!

Halloween can be the start of a downward spiral. Use these tips to have a happy, healthy Halloween and set the path for success for the holiday season.

1. Fill up with nutritious options first.

In the past, I’ve always used a holiday as an excuse to just completely blow it, but that’s not really very balanced. So now instead of just choosing junk all day long, I fill up on my typical nutrient-dense foods instead all day long and just plan or two treats for the day. Doing this also helps keep my blood sugar levels more stable all day long, so I avoid the crazy cycle of stuffing #allthecandy in my mouth.

2. Mix in healthier options.

Obviously, the norm for Halloween is to hand out (and eat) all kinds of candy, but why not set a healthier precedent? There are lots of fun healthier alternatives you can pass out in your neighborhood these days. Some of my favorites have been pretzels and 100% fruit juice fruit snacks.

3. Choose water.

No matter what you’re eating, washing it down with water will make a big difference. We tend to drink only water anyway, but I make it an even bigger priority on holidays. The extra water helps flush out the extra sugar and keeps us all well hydrated.

4. Get moving.

It doesn’t matter if you do a formal workout, go for a walk/jog, or have a dance party in your kitchen. Just make some time to get moving today. You’ll burn some extra calories, boost your mood, and be less likely to eat as much candy because you know you got a bit of a burn on.

5. Create a plan for the day after.

One day isn’t going to completely negate your progress. But one day that turns into several that turns into weeks and then a month or more might. So no matter what, I like to have a plan for getting right back on track the day after a major holiday. One of my favorite post-Halloween options is a quick 3 Day Refresh – it kills the sugar cravings, helps me get rid of any bloat, and sets me up for success in the weeks ahead.

It’s easy to let Halloween be the start of a downward spiral. Using these tips and following up the holiday candy fest with a Refresh has been one of the most effective strategies I’ve found to get right back on track, minimize the holiday weight gain, and feel my best through the last couple of months of the year.

If you want to make this year different and think this strategy might work for you too, email me or fill out the form below. In either case, though, have a happy, healthy Halloween this year!

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