Happy Birthday, Jesus! 5 Ways to Celebrate Jesus’ Birth This Christmas

It's easy to lose sight of what Christmas is truly about. Focus on the true meaning of Christmas with these simple ways to celebrate Jesus' birth.With all that the holidays entail, it can be easy to simply “go through the motions” of the holidays without recognizing why we set aside this holiday in the first place. I enjoy the gift giving, the décor and revelry, and the sweet treats as much as the next person, but each year, I find something missing until I’ve focused in on the real reason for the season. If you feel like something has been missing in your holiday season, give some of my favorite traditions for keeping Christ in Christmas.

Jesus’ Birthday

The historical and even biblical evidence is relatively spare regarding the actual day of Jesus birth. Nonetheless, the day we set aside to celebrate Jesus’ birth is December 25th. We recognize the holiday season as a time to honor his spirit and the gift that God gives us through him. It’s also a time for us to give to others and truly represent the heart of Christ to others.

Traditions for Keeping Christ in Christmas

1. Daily Scriptures

I mentioned that our Advent calendar is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. In each of the boxes, we have a scripture to read each day. The scriptures remind us of Jesus coming as well as his redemptive purpose in our lives. I use the same scriptures year after year to maintain the traditional aspect.

2. Service Projects

One of the best ways to honor Christ’s birth is to focus on giving back to others during the Christmas season. This is probably one of my absolute favorite traditions! This year we had the opportunity to go shopping for gifts for kids to donate through Toys for Tots. We love being able to serve others and Christmas is the perfect time of the year to do that.

3. Gifts and Blessings

To keep our focus on giving gifts and blessing others rather than receiving material items, we can offer our family members special blessings with each of their gifts. As you give a gift, consider telling the recipient one way that they’ve blessed your life this year so they can recognize how God is using them. There are few blessings greater than helping people understand how God is working in and through their lives

4. The Christmas Story

Aside from reading scriptures daily, we also like to set aside time to read the Christmas Story. Just before heading to bed, we read the story as a family. This annual tradition helps us truly focus on the reason for Christmas and to honor Christ’s birth.

5. Birthday Cake

This tradition is a fun one for kids. If you’re up for it, make a birthday cake to honor Jesus birth. Before enjoying the cake, sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Some people even make gifts to give to Jesus as part of his birthday celebration.

As you celebrate Christmas this year, specifically on Christmas Day, I challenge you to keep Christ at the center of your celebration. Use these traditions to celebrate his birth and don’t forget to say, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!”

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? How do you keep Christ at the center of your Christmas celebrations?

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