Goal Setting Success Tips

I know the end of March isn’t really the time that most people are hyper-focused on their goals, but why not? We can set and achieve goals at any time that we want, but we have to know how to do it. I won’t say that I’m any success superstar, but I will say that of the handful of goals that I’ve set this year, I’ve already achieved many of them, including reaching my goal weight, advancing in rank as a coach, and more.Setting and achieving your goals is no easy task, but the right strategy helps. Use these tips to successfully set goals and go after your dreams!

That being said, I figured now was as good of a time as any to share a few of my tips with you because who couldn’t use a little help being more successful? So, if you’ve struggled setting goals in the past or just refuse to set them because you’re afraid to, then these tips are for you. The process isn’t “foolproof,” but it is pretty simple and will help you get a better handle on setting goals to achieve success.

1. Challenge Yourself

Okay, so I know it’s tough setting a goal that you’re not sure you can achieve, but if you don’t challenge yourself, you’ll never grow. So, make your goals things that are right outside your reach, so that you are really challenging yourself to grow.

2. Set Benchmarks or Short-Term Goals

Now, I know I said to challenge yourself when you’re goal setting, but the only way you’re going to gain any momentum is by achieving a few small “wins” along the way. So, as you set your goals, build these in to your system. Set that bigger, hairier, scarier, long-term goal, and then break it down into smaller, easier goals.

For example, your long-term goal might be, “I will lose 20 pounds over the next 4 months.” Rather than tackling 20 pounds all at once, break it down a little further. You could then make the goal, “I will lose 5 pounds this month,” and then break it down even further to say, “I will lose 1.25 pounds each week.” When you look at 1.25 pounds, that’s a lot more achievable than 20, isn’t it? But, you have to lose that first 1.25 pounds, and then the next, and then the next…to get to your bigger goal. Breaking it down just helps you experience those easier windfalls so it makes looking at your long-term goal that much more achievable.

3. Put Them Where You Can See Them

You know that saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Yeah, that applies with goals to. If they aren’t always right in front of you, you’ll lose your vision, you’ll get off-track, and you won’t put in the effort required to reach your goals. So, once you’ve set them, write them down and post them somewhere for yourself. I like to keep mine on my vision board in my bedroom, but I also post them on sticky notes on our bathroom mirror. Every time I go into either room, I see my goals, which helps me put in the effort necessary to achieve them.

Now, there are lots of other tips and suggestions for successfully achieving your goals, but these are just a few of my simplest, most effective strategies. Put these into place, and you’ll be well on your way to successfully achieving all those goals that have just been dreams until now.

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