Getting Rid of the Electronic Clutter

One of my focuses this year is to make life a little simpler. I’ve already started doing that by streamlining my planning and setting aside some time for self-care, but I’ve noticed one of the biggest sources of clutter in my life is all the electronic noise I’m subject to each day. So, I’m going to be spending the next few days getting rid of some of that electronic “clutter,” and I figured you could probably use a little help with that too!

Trying to get rid of some of the clutter in your life? Consider cutting out some of the electronic clutter first! Here a few ways to do it!

So here are a few of the ways I plan on getting rid of some of the electronic “noise” in my life!

1. Declutter your desktop.

I am pretty much THE worst about having a bajillion things open on my desktop. But really all that does is leave my brain buzzing from one task to another, so I plan on using OneTab to keep track of my different browsers and making it fast an easy to close things out and open them us as I need. If this is overwhelming to you, just start small. Closing out all of your programs, creating folders, and dragging any clutter on your homescreen into a folder or the trash is a great way to start.

2. Sort your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed.

All of our social media channels automatically select what we see; however, you can change your settings to be a little more in control. Take a few minutes to weed out some of the negativity on your feeds and choose whose posts you want to see first so that when you do view your feeds, you see all positive, encouraging things.

3. One word…Unsubscribe!

A cluttered inbox is one of the ultimate brain drains! Give yourself a break by going through your email and unsubscribing to anything that isn’t vital. And, yes, that includes all of your shopping adds!

4. Turn off notifications.

Ah! I don’t know about you, but I can hardly stand seeing those little red flags, which leaves me constantly checking into my social media channels and other apps…That only wastes time and energy. So join me in shutting of email and SMS notifications! You may even considering completely removing the Facebook App from your phone!

Well, there you have it! Four super easy ways to start getting rid of all the electronic clutter! Share in the comments how it went! What are your favorite ways to eliminate excess electronic noise?

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