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It’s that time of year again. The summer is drawing to a close, you’ve finished all (or most) of your school shopping, and you’re sending your kids back to school in a few days or weeks (or maybe they’ve already headed back). In any case, it’s the end of summer, and it’s time to get back to the grind. But, getting going can be really tough. I’ll be honest the fact that it’s almost fall doesn’t make a huge impact on my routine (aside from the fact that it means my little bit will be here soon), but it does give me some perspective and drive toward wanting to get back into the routine to be more effective. If you’re feeling the same way or if you really are sending kids or yourself back to school and work, check out these tips for getting back into a good routine to be productive and maximize your time!Ending the summer and heading back-to-school can be tough. Do yourself a favor and get back into the routine before you have to head back.

Tips for Creating Your Routine and Maximizing Your Time

I don’t know about you, but I function best when I have a good routine going. Mess up that routine, and I lose myself. So, as we begin to prepare even more for our little girl to arrive and particularly as we head into another busy season for my husband work-wise, we’re doing our best to create and stick to a structured routine, so we can both maximize our time. Here are a few ways we’re doing it.

1. Go to Bed at the Same Time Each Night

This one is one of the hardest for me. I like to eek out just a little (or a lot) of extra time in the evening, so I feel like I’m getting more time in the day. But, it just ends up making me more tired the next day and less ready to face those tasks. So, establishing a bedtime for everyone is key. Everyone in the family doesn’t have to go to bed at the same time, but everyone should go at the same time each night to create a good habit.

2. Wake Up at the Same Time Each Day

Along the same lines as bedtime, you also need a regular time to wake up each day. Getting up at the same time helps to set your “biological clock,” so it’ll be easier to rise each day. I also enjoy having a regular waking time so that I’m able to get a couple extra things done in the morning. Recently my husband has started waking up at 5am (early I know), and I rise shortly after. It’s made a huge difference in both of our attitudes throughout the day.Ending the summer and heading back-to-school can be tough. Do yourself a favor and get back into the routine before you have to head back.

3. Have a Regular Routine to Start the Day

Some people like to shower first. Others enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee and enjoying breakfast to start the day. Whatever your preference is allow yourself enough time in the morning to have that routine. My husband and I enjoy starting the day together with a sit-down breakfast in the kitchen, so we make it a priority to wake early enough that this part of the day is possible. Determine what order you like to get ready in and make it a habit to make the most of your day.

4. Make a Plan

I’m all about planning tasks, and it definitely helps me maximize my time and stay on top of my game. I like to plan my tasks first thing in the morning. However, especially if you have kiddos to get to school, it’s probably best to make your game plan the night before. Include a list of everything that needs done and prioritize it. If something doesn’t get done, then just move it to the next day.

5. Have Everything Ready

I can still remember picking out my clothes for the next day of school before heading to bed each night when I was growing up. That one habit literally made the difference for our family when it came to starting the day, so it’s one of my best suggestions when it comes to getting back into the routine of work, school, and everything else that is life. Prep whatever you’ll need for the next day – clothes, lunch, backpack/work bag, etc. – and you’ll have that much more done in the morning.

I’ll admit getting back into a routine isn’t necessarily the most fun thing to do, especially at the end of summer. But, if you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to get back in the routine with minimal complaining and maximum potential. Start the school year off on the right foot with these simple tips!

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    1. Leesha Post author

      I can definitely relate, Lisa! This pregnancy has made getting anything done in the morning tough, so I really rely on that set schedule!

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