Get Obsessed…with Your Life!

Over the past 2 years, I’ve undergone a bit of a transformation. Yes, of course it has been a physical one, but even more so it’s been a mental/emotional one. After having my daughter I realized how much I had struggled with self-doubt and poor self-image (outwardly manifested as perfectionism), and I decided something had to change.

It was then that I started my very first fitness program and hesitantly joined the online accountability group my coach recommended. And while those two components were the vehicle for change for me, it was really about so much more than that…

You see having the tools I needed to really learn how to take care of myself – in a healthy and effective way – gave me just what I needed to become obsessed with being the best version of myself that I could. It wasn’t just about the workout or nutrition plan. It was about reclaiming my life!

And that’s why when I heard about this new program being released in January, I knew I had to share it with you! This isn’t just any old workout. It’s an opportunity to get obsessed with getting stronger – physically AND mentally – and it just so happens it’s from the trainer who started it all for me!

I’d like to start working on my health. What is this program all about?

80 Day Obsession is a brand new program from Autumn Calabrese that:

  • Focuses on abs and booty and is designed to help you shed pounds, build lean muscle, and tone all over
  • Consists of 3 phases of workouts over the course of 13 weeks (In total, there are 97 days of workouts because you get Sundays off as a rest day.)
  • Includes workouts from 45-60 minutes, with a modifier
  • Introduces timed nutrition to help you maximize your results by leaning out while you build strong muscle

I’m not an obsessed fitness-fanatic. Is it right for me?

The program is intended for anyone who wants to get strict with nutrition to see how far she can go with results! You do need to have a base level of fitness, and you do need to understand portion fix and clean eating (both of which I can help you with).

With this program you can expect to:

  • Get a leaner, firmer, more sculpted body
  • Add some curves WITHOUT bulking up
  • Enjoy an intense, holistic workout AT HOME

I’ve tried other programs before. How will this one be different?

That’s just the thing. I know what it’s like to try everything…I literally was the girl who had done everything from starving herself to taking diet pills. It wasn’t until I started making the internal transformation too that things really started to change. And honestly, that change is now my favorite one to share and to help others achieve!

So as we work through this 80 day program TOGETHER, I’ll also walk you through the basics of creating a life-giving morning routine, transforming your self talk, and building space into your day that will help you get obsessed with your life! Literally, you’ll leave this experience transformed inside AND out if you commit to it!

I want to try it, but I’m not sure I’m ready. Can a beginner do this?

80 Day Obsession does include a modifier to make it more accessible to individuals with different levels of fitness, but it is intended for individuals with intermediate to advanced fitness levels. No worries, though! I can help you get ready!

In fact, I’d love to get you plugged into our FREE 5 day “Get A Little Obsessed” introduction! It’ll be an opportunity to get a feel for the full program and is the perfect opportunity to start building up your strength and endurance for the full program.

And the best part is this couldn’t have come at a better time! We’re going to “Get A Little Obsessed” January 1st (right in time for all of those New Year’s resolutions) and diving into “Get Obsessed with Your Life!” with the full program starting January 15th (you know, about the time that most everyone else will already be giving up on their resolutions)!

Count me in! How do I join?

I thought you’d say that! Just fill out the form below to reserve your spot, and I’ll get you your personalized link to register! Oh, and if you need a little more inspiration before you commit…Here are a few before and after photos from other women in the pre-launch test group!

Complete the form below, and I’ll be in touch!

Really! Just fill out the form, and we can chat more about your goals. Isn’t it time you get obsessed with your life too?!

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