Cultivating Purpose

Each year I try to choose a word to frame my focus for the year. (I know that’s not a new concept for anyone, but still.) In years past, I have chosen words that were very action-oriented or success driven. But this year, my word is purpose.

Throughout the holiday season, I pursued the concept of intentionality and joy, so I’m carrying that into this new year and just feeling a complete shift. Whereas the last couple of years in my life have been about hustle and really survival, this year I’m settling in, finding my stride, and going for purpose – in motherhood, in marriage, in business, in life…

Have you set your focus for this year? Learn how I'm cultivating purpose both in word and action in today's blog post! Plus, take a peek at one of my favorite purpose-driving tools!

But I know that as soon as I set purpose as my intention that I’ll be met with challenges – things that want to steal my attention and rob me of the joy that is found in that space. So rather than just letting this one word be something that I toss out in January and can’t find come February, I’m setting up some guidelines or parameters, if you will, to purposeful, intentional, and joyful.

5 Ways I’m Cultivating Purpose this Year

These are a few of the ways I intend to pursue purpose this year, and I’d encourage you to do the same – even if you’ve chosen a different word for this year. It’s not really so much about the word itself but rather about how I want this year to feel and how I want to feel in this year.

1. Setting goals based on my passions.

Finding purpose in this year will require that I be very intentional with my time. So rather than just writing down a slew of goals that fall all over the board, I’m getting very specific with my goals and making sure that each one of them is aligned to one of my passions – those things that fill my cup and set my heart on fire.

2. Creating space for routine in my day.

As a mom, I don’t always have a lot of control over my day. And as a Type A personality that lack of control But I’ve found that if I create space for at least some routine in my life, I can handle the more out-of-control moments with a little more grace and compassion. Yes, it means getting up a little earlier, but it also means having more to give my daughter and my husband. And at the end of the day, that’s worth far more than a few extra minutes of sleep.

That “routine” comes in the morning in the form of a hot cup of coffee while I read my devotions, pray, and jot down my gratitude. Having that time in the morning gets some of the junk out of my head and allows me more space to focus and be intentional with my people, so I know it will support my pursuit of purpose this year.

3. Saying no a little more often.

I am a “yes” girl through and through. You need something done? Yes, I can help! You want to get together? Yes, I’ll make it happen. But the probably with saying yes to everything is instead of doing my best at just a few things, I do fair at all of the things. To pursue purpose this year, I’m making it my goal to evaluate opportunities based on our family values and what will best serve us and the vision we have for our family. Will it mean saying no to good things sometimes? You betcha! But only because it will allow me to say yes to the best things for us and for me! It’s my hope and prayer that in doing that I’ll also be able to serve better with the gifts I’ve been given.

4. Shutting out some of the noise.

The noise of media today is one of the things that can cloud our purpose the fastest. So I’m vowing to shut out some of the noise this year. That means that I’ll take at least one day a week to be unplugged from social media. I’ve also already made an effort to get rid of some of the noise that lands in my email inbox by unsubscribing to several newsletters and publications I previously received. And I have all of my apps – social media and otherwise – set so that I only receive the notifications that I want.

5. Creating less.

In the past several years I have also really pushed myself to be a creator. While I still plan to serve in several capacities, I plan on pursuing purpose by only creating those things that really align to my vision for this space and for those of you who connect with that vision. I plan on working off of that whole concept of “less is more” when that “less” is actually your best. Going back to that idea of only saying yes to the best things, I want to really dial in my focus and find ways that I can most effectively serve those around me who need my support the most – including my own family.

Have you set your focus for this year? Learn how I'm cultivating purpose both in word and action in today's blog post! Plus, take a peek at one of my favorite purpose-driving tools!

So those are a few of the ways I’m cultivating purpose this year, but one of the tools that has been the most useful in helping me define that vision and “purpose” is my Brilliant Life Planner! Y’all already know that I’m over the moon about this resource, but seriously it is THE.BEST! So if you haven’t already snagged yourself one for this year, do it! They’re almost gone, and there like any of those high quality items…Once they’re gone, they’re gone! (Until next year of course, but who wants to wait a WHOLE year without one?!)

Either way, it’s your turn now! What is your word for this year? Are you working on cultivating purpose too? If so, I’d love for you to hang out with us in our FREE Living Contently Wellness Community where I share tips for healthy/balanced living, my favorite recipes, and more!

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