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Exercises to Prepare for Pregnancy and Labor

Even before we got pregnant, I knew I wanted to do everything I could to have as healthy of a pregnancy as I could, so I did what I normally do and started researching. As I did so, I was able to find a number of different suggestions for exercises to help prepare the body for pregnancy that also translated into an easier labor.Pregnancy affects all of our bodies in different ways, but we can exercise to prepare for it. Use these exercises to target muscles for pregnancy and labor.

I’d venture to say that these exercises at least made pregnancy easier and helped me retain my shape better, considering it took until between weeks 30 and 32 before I really “popped’ and even when I did I could still pretty easily hide my bump. I’ll also attribute this to having a bit of a long torso and having extra room in there for Baby Girl. Nonetheless, though, toning and training your body to carry a baby makes a big difference. These were a few of my favorite exercises that I was able to do before and throughout my pregnancy. Continue reading

The Pregnancy Symptoms No One Warns You About…

“Be ready for morning sickness,” they say. “Your ankles will sell to the size of your knees,” they say. “Your clothes won’t fit the same, your back will hurt, you’ll be hungry all the time…” Oh, right, and everyone warns you that you’ll be tired ALL of the time…Early on and all throughout my pregnancy, everyone was really good about warning me about all of the “common pregnancy symptoms.” But, you know what I learned – there are actually just as many pregnancy symptoms about which no one warns you.Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it also comes with a number of symptoms. Discover a few of the pregnancy symptoms that no one tells you about.

For me, it started as soon as I got pregnant. I’d wake up in the morning, work through my normal morning routine, and all of a sudden it would hit – a horrific nosebleed. At first, the loss of blood worried me, but then I did a little research and spoke to my doctor. Apparently nose bleeds are a fairly typical symptom of pregnancy, something to do with the added blood volume throughout your body and sensitive capillaries in your nose, but it was one I had never heard of before. I’m here to tell you, it’s normal. But, that doesn’t make it any easier or more predictable… Continue reading

Preparing My Heart to Be a Mom

You may remember that I admitted last week that I don’t think I will truly ever be “ready” to be a mom. While that concept still holds true, I have been trying to do my best to prepare my heart to be a mom. When Baby Girl is born, I want my focus to be on loving, nurturing, and encouraging her body as well as her soul rather than focusing on my own insecurities as a mother (although I know those will still come up). With that in mind, I’ve been doing my best to prepare my heart with a few simple steps, and I’ve found in doing so that I am finding peace right where I am and am anticipating the arrival of my precious daughter even more.Motherhood is hard whether you're "prepared" or not. Do what you can today to prepare your heart to be a mom and make the most out of the journey.

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Easy Ways to Get More Iron

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Baby Girl and I have been doing quite well all throughout this pregnancy; however, I was recently diagnosed with mild anemia. While I was just right below the acceptable threshold (at 11.7 rather than the preferred 12), my doctor still encouraged to increase my iron intake to get my level back within the normal range. So, you know what that means…It’s iron-rich foods for this girl (and growing baby).

Iron is an important nutrient, especially during pregnancy. Learn how you can easily get more iron in your diet with common foods and supplements.

As I’ve been trying to stuff myself with iron-rich foods, I’ve discovered there are a lot more foods high in iron than I thought. Nonetheless, it can still be a little confusing to begin an iron-rich diet initially, so I decided to share a few of my tips for getting more iron in your everyday diet, you know for those of you who are also growing a baby or who are just lacking a bit of energy because your stores are low. Continue reading

5 Tips for Surviving Summer More Than 6 Months Pregnant

It seems like it has taken me months to actually feel pregnant. Sure, I had the nausea through the first trimester, but once that passed, I didn’t have any major pregnancy symptoms. Add that to the fact that pretty much anyone I’d see would tell me how “not-pregnant” I looked (I know it was meant as a compliment, but I’ve always wanted to be one of those “cute” pregnant ladies with a noticeable bump)…

Anyway, suffice it to say at 6+ months pregnant in the heat of the summer, I’m finally feeling it – heaviness of Baby Girl in my abdomen, more swelling in my fingers and toes when I’m out in the heat, and exaggerated tiredness when I’ve overexerted myself. However, I’ll be the first to admit that I am still handling the pregnancy pretty well, and I have these tips and tricks for surviving summer to thank for it. If you or someone you know is pregnant through the summer, mention a couple of these ideas to help her enjoy, well at least survive, the summer.The heat of summer and pregnancy make a difficult combo, but you too can survive. Use these tips for surviving summer, and you might just enjoy it, too.

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