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The 3Ds of Success

No matter what stage of life we’re in, we all have goals that we’d like to achieve. But, many times those goals are easier said than done. I don’t know about you, but I’ve often set goals regarding my physical fitness, spiritual walk, professional endeavors, etc. only to stick to them for a few weeks and then fizzle out. Each time I’ve thought I had the know how to accomplish said goals, but it hasn’t always worked out that way. As I know I’ll be setting a few goals, specifically fitness-oriented, once Little One comes, I am focusing on how to maximize my success rate, so I’ve come up with a little strategy I like to call the 3Ds of success.No matter what stage of life we’re in, we all have goals to achieve. Learn how to achieve success with these simple tips and the 3Ds of success.

The strategy is relatively simple and helps me draw on what I already know about goal setting, such as using SMART goals, writing my objectives down, and breaking my goals down into smaller chunks. But, it also helps me see the specifics of achieving my goals in any area. Continue reading

How To Get Focused and Be Productive

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just have days…Days where I can’t seem to stay focused or get anything done. Days when I’d rather just look at cute baby stuff on Pinterest or curl up in a ball on the couch rather than get my work done. And, you know what makes those days even more persistent? When it’s rainy or gloomy outside. Geesh! You’d think a spell had been put on me or something. If you’re like me and have days that you really struggle getting focused and being productive check out these tips! I won’t promise that they’ll fix everything, but I do guarantee they’ll help.

My Best Advice for Being Productive5 simple tips for how you can get focused and be productive even on the dreariest of days. Follow these tips and put your productivity into over drive!

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Yes, You Can Set Goals and Still Be Happy

Just because you're striving toward your goals doesn't mean you can't be happy. Use these tips to work toward achieving your goals and still be happy.




















Have you ever thought, “I’ll be happy when…”

  • I lose 15 pounds.
  • I get a new job.
  • I get a new car.
  • I buy a house.

At some point, all of us have had a thought similar to this. I know I’ve definitely thought I’d be happier when we met certain “benchmark” points in our life, but I realized that thinking is problematic. If we make our happiness contingent on our goals, we’ll never get to experience true happiness. And, shouldn’t we be able to work toward our goals and be happy, content even, in the process? Yes! Continue reading

5 Tools You Need to Reach Your Potential

You can't achieve your goals without the right tools. Use these tools to reach your greatest potential this year!**I received free product from Say It With Style in exchange for my honest opinion.

It goes without saying that being successful requires a certain amount of finesse. That along with the right types of goals and the key strategies to be successful will take you a long way toward achieving your goals. But, when it comes down to getting organized, tracking your progress, and maintaining your vision (my one word for this year), you can’t do that without a few important tools. So, I’m sharing my list for the top five tools you need to achieve your greatest potential this year, and of course, we’re keeping it budget-friendly! Continue reading

The Two Goals You Need to Be Successful

Knowing what type of goals to set makes a big difference in how effective you are. Set these two types of goals and achieve all of your goals this year.I know I’ve said it a number of times. Reaching your goals can be easy. You can achieve your goals with just a little planning. It’s simple…The truth is, achieving a goal can be easy and simple and require just a little planning if you know what types of goals to set and how to set them. So, today, let’s break it down just a little further and take a look at what types of goals you should be setting and how. And, besides, what is a goal anyway? Continue reading