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That Day I Quit My Workout

If you’ve hung around here any time at all, you know fitness is my jam. It’s my stress reliever. It’s how I reclaimed my confidence. It helps me be a better mama. And although all of those things help keep me motivated on any given day, I still have days when I just QUIT!!!

Yep, that’s right. The fitness coach sometimes quits her workout. And I want you to give yourself permission to do the same (but not before you try everything you can to get it done!)

Seriously! I think we all have those days, right? The baby didn’t sleep well, we’re battling colds (or the stomach bug), we have a million things on our to-do list…You name it, we’re facing it. But here is the thing…

There is never a perfect time to commit to living a healthy lifestyle. Life is always going to happen and things are going to come up. So what is a mama to do when she just feels like quitting (before she really does just quit)? Here are my tips: Continue reading

Rapid Rebuild Fitness Program for Maximum Results

I honestly used to be the girl who tried to put a “fitness program” together on my own. I’d look up YouTube videos and put them together with a few of my own exercises to come up with what I thought was something that would help me get results. The problem? Well, I’ve never had any formal training in exercise physiology, and I really don’t know what it takes to create a program. So what I’d put together would help me get moving but not necessarily help me get major results.

Tired of doing the same old fitness program and not getting results? Try this rapid rebuild fitness program for maximum results and motivation!

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Simple Health Solutions for Busy Moms

As moms we have a lot on our plates. Diaper changes, play dates, family meals, classroom meetings, job responsibilities…

You name it, we take care of it. And often that means we put ourselves and our own needs last. I quickly found, though, when I neglected myself and especially my nutrition, I didn’t have as much to give.

As busy moms we put our needs on the back burner, which only leaves us with less to give. Check out these simple health solutions for busy moms to help!

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Should I Take a Rest Day?

A question I get asked ALL the time by challengers and other people I talk to is, “Should I take a rest day?” I used to ask the same question too, so I thought I’d share a little insight on the matter.

Think a rest day equates to being lazy? Think again! Check out why you need a rest day and how to incorporate it into your routine here!

Is a Rest Day Essential?

So to answer the question in one word – YES!!! Yes, you need a rest day for a couple of very important reasons. Continue reading

Become an Ambassador for Life Change

Whether you found my page as a nursing mama wanting to get fit or an individual recovering from an eating disorder?¬†or just someone looking for a little encouragement and maybe a few easy recipes, I am so glad you are here. And I’d love to tell you a little bit more about what it is that I really do as a wellness coach and ambassador for change!

Are you wanting to improve your health, break old habits of eating, and even improve your finances? Join me and become an ambassador for life change!

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