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Getting Rid of the Electronic Clutter

One of my focuses this year is to make life a little simpler. I’ve already started doing that by streamlining my planning and setting aside some time for self-care, but I’ve noticed one of the biggest sources of clutter in my life is all the electronic noise I’m subject to each day. So, I’m going to be spending the next few days getting rid of some of that electronic “clutter,” and I figured you could probably use a little help with that too!

Trying to get rid of some of the clutter in your life? Consider cutting out some of the electronic clutter first! Here a few ways to do it!

So here are a few of the ways I plan on getting rid of some of the electronic “noise” in my life!

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Planning Your Year in 5 Simple Steps

**Planning just isn’t the same without the perfect planner! I love this one so much that I couldn’t help but recommend it to you. If you decide to invest in one for yourself using this link, I will receive a small compensation for recommending it to you at no extra cost to you!

I was a bit late to the planner party this year, but thankfully with a little research I found one that is just perfect and that I really feel like was designed for me (more on that later)! But let’s be honest…A planner isn’t going to do anything if you don’t use it and have a bit of a strategy for doing that. So if you’re a bit like me and still working a bit on planning, then check out this strategy for planning your year in 5 simple steps.

Planning your year can be a bit of a daunting. Get past the intimidation and plan your best year yet with these 5 simple steps!

1. Start with a Vision

When it comes down to it, if you don’t have a clear picture of where you’re headed, you’ll go nowhere. So, friend, let’s avoid the nowhere phenomenon and cast a vision. Think about how you want to feel in the new year, what you want to accomplish, and what your most fulfilling year looks like. Then take some time to flesh that out into words and possibly even a picture. Continue reading

Simplify Your Daily Routine

It’s easy to get caught up in all the different aspects of managing a home and family. I mean, honestly, our little one isn’t even here yet, and I feel like all I get done some days is picking up, cleaning up, and putting away some days. But, I’ve figured out when I have a simple routine, even on days that are messier or harder to handle, I’m able to get a lot more done. As it’s just about that time for everyone to head back to school and for all the busyness of life to hit in full swing, why not take the chance now to simplify your daily routine, get the things done you need to, and make more time for the things you want to do? I came up with a simple system to help me keep our house clean and organized, and I know you can too with these simple tips.Keeping your daily routine simple is the best way to stick to it. Check out these tips for simplifying your daily routine to have a happy, healthy home!

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Getting Back Into the Routine

It’s that time of year again. The summer is drawing to a close, you’ve finished all (or most) of your school shopping, and you’re sending your kids back to school in a few days or weeks (or maybe they’ve already headed back). In any case, it’s the end of summer, and it’s time to get back to the grind. But, getting going can be really tough. I’ll be honest the fact that it’s almost fall doesn’t make a huge impact on my routine (aside from the fact that it means my little bit will be here soon), but it does give me some perspective and drive toward wanting to get back into the routine to be more effective. If you’re feeling the same way or if you really are sending kids or yourself back to school and work, check out these tips for getting back into a good routine to be productive and maximize your time!Ending the summer and heading back-to-school can be tough. Do yourself a favor and get back into the routine before you have to head back.

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How to Rescue Your Basement and Minimize Damage After a Flood

While I realized it had been really rainy, as in torrential downpour on a regular basis, nothing could have prepared me for walking into a flooded basement…Thankfully, I had just picked my parents up from the airport and they entered the house with me, or I probably would have just sat in the water adding bucket loads of my tears to the already huge amount of water in our basement. A basement flood is no joke, but after having been through one (at 6+ months pregnant), I feel qualified to give you a few pointers should you ever find yourself in that situation. So, should you ever come home to a flooded basement, here are a few of my best tips.A basement flood is no joke, but with the right tactics, you can safely recover the space. Use these tips after a flood and minimize damage.

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