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Tips and ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving

Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner Without the Bloat…

I’ll be the first to admit that most years I leave the Thanksgiving dinner table feeling overly full absolutely stuffed…This year, though, I plan to enjoy the meal without overdoing it. I’ve spent the last several weeks successfully losing the baby weight, and I’m not about to undo all of my hard work at one meal. That being said, I plan to use what I’ve learned following the 21 Day Fix as well as some general healthy living tips to survive the Thanksgiving meal without feeling bloated and disgusting for the week following. To avoid the bloat, this is what I plan to do…If you normally leave the Thanksgiving dinner table feeling stuffed, make a change this year. Use these tips to eat healthy but still enjoy Thanksgiving.

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15 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Activities for Families

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It’s easy to make Thanksgiving just about the day of celebration itself. We all get together, maybe watch a little football or a big parade, and of course we all enjoy a delicious meal…However, when we allow the holiday to be about little more than this type of celebration, we completely lose sight of why the day is actually set aside. While we aren’t necessarily going to get to do our usual activities with our new little one, I know there are still a few things we can do to practice a season of thanks rather than just feasting on the fourth Thursday in November. If you’re looking for a few activities to do as a family to practice a little gratitude and Thanksgiving, check out this list!Thanksgiving doesn’t just have to be about the day and a big meal. In fact, it shouldn’t be! Try these activities to instill gratitude all month long!

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5 Habits for Being More Grateful

Okay, so it’s definitely that time of year again…It seems that no matter who you are around the beginning of the holiday season, we all become much more aware of how we’re spending our time and focusing our attitudes. I’m definitely in the camp that believes that we should have this awareness all year long; however, I also know that life, little ones, work…all get in the way of that sometimes. So, why not take the time around the holidays to refocus and reconnect. That being said, I’d encourage you (and yes, I’m talking to myself here too) to make an effort to cultivate gratitude with the approaching Thanksgiving holiday.Research shows people who are more grateful lead healthier, happier lives. Use these 5 habits to cultivate gratitude in your life every day.

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Fall Pennant Banner Decoration

You already know of my love for simple fall decorating, so today I decided I’d share this tutorial for a super-easy, really inexpensive fall pennant banner. This banner couldn’t be any simpler but it really adds that fall touch to the huge mirror in our living room, which I love. In the mood to get a little crafty without too much work? Well then, this is the project for you!Simple fall decor is always fitting for the season. Check out this simple fall pennant banner for an easy decor piece that will cost you next to nothing.

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TIGF, Do Good All Year Long

Reflection is an important part of living contently. Take time each week to reflect on your blessings and make note of the things you are grateful for. Join me as I share 5 things I'm thankful for every Friday.To me, it seems like the holidays have one of two effects on us as far as our outward focus. The holiday season either (1.) stresses out and consumes so much of our time that we struggle to get anything done let alone focusing on other people, or (2.) makes us realize how much we already have and motivates us to share some of our blessing with others. I’m not pointing the finger at anyone (remember when you do that you have 3 more fingers pointing back at you anyway); I am simply reminding you that now is the perfect time to take a minute to slow down and do something for someone else. In fact, I encourage you to do that, to do good, all year long. Continue reading