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Take a Mom Break

I was chatting with my sister recently, and she shared how rare it is for her to go do something on her own, just for her. I agreed what a challenge it is, and the conversation made me think…I am so passionate about encouraging other women to take care of themselves, but yet I often forget this piece. As moms, as women wearing many hats, we need to make time not just for taking care of ourselves but also for just resting. So today I want to encourage you (and give you permission if you feel like you need it) to take a mom break!

As moms we so often put everyone else ahead of ourselves, which leaves us feeling tired and overwhelmed. Learn how to take a mom break to get the refresher you need and put yourself back on the priority list!

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Better than Flowers and Chocolate Valentine Gifts

Don’t get me wrong, I love the traditional Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolate. But the most memorable Valentine gifts I’ve gotten have been the ones that weren’t things but rather experiences! So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Valentine gifts to give and receive. (One of the great things about these options too is if you’re a little late to the game, you can put one of these ideas together last minute!)

I love the traditional Valentine's Day flowers and chocolate. But the most memorable Valentine gifts I've gotten have been the ones that weren't things. Check out these experience-based gifts for something different to give this year!

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Sweet Pepper Poppers

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a tendency to get in a bit of a food “rut.” Fortunately I am someone who can literally eat the same thing for several weeks in a row and not really get tired of it, but I’ve found that that also leads me to not branching out and trying new things as often as I could (or maybe even should).

So I always love trying a new program with a different meal plan to help push me out of my comfort zone and try new things. And believe me the current program I am following is doing just that! But y’all! The new recipes I have tried have been SO good! These sweet pepper poppers just happen to be one of my favorites, so I had to pass them along!

Love those jalapeƱo popper things? Well, then you HAVE to try these Sweet Pepper Poppers! They're so full of flavor but won't leave you feeling like your insides are on fire!

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How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

I feel pretty fortunate in that Grace is a relatively healthy eater with no big effort on our part (I mean, really, what 2 year old just asks for hummus as a snack). But I say that and realize I have been pretty intentional with our approach to food with her since day one, so I thought I’d share a few of the ways we’ve gotten our toddler to eat healthy in hopes that it helps some of you other mamas who are struggling.

And let me just put this disclaimer out there too (should the universe or my two year old be listening and decide to challenge me)…I know kids are picky, they go through phases, and their tastes change. I remember being told a time or two a story on myself when I refused to eat my veggies because I wasn’t in a “green or orange or yellow mood.” So I’m sharing what’s working for us now in hopes that it keeps working and sheds a little light on the subject of healthy eating for kids.

Have a child who is a picky eater? Check out these simple tips (and a fun recipe) to help him or her learn to eat healthy!

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Clean Eating Peanut Butter Balls

One of the holiday treats I remember having the most from my childhood were peanut butter balls. (That and those peanut butter Ritz cracker sandwiches dipped in chocolate. The peanut butter and chocolate loved started early with this one.) While I’m all for enjoying the real deal in moderation, I also figured it might be fun to try my hand at making a clean eating version of this family favorite!

Enjoy the holiday cookies and goodies? Give these Clean Eating Peanut Butter balls a try for a holiday treat you won't feel bad about indulging in!

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