Build Your Complete Essential Oils Kit Without Going Broke

If you've ever considered trying essential oils you may have decided they were too expensive. Use these tips to build your kit without breaking your budget.**This post contains affiliate links.

If you’ve looked into the world of essential oils at all, you likely realize that purchasing your own oils can get kind of pricey. Don’t let the price deter you, though. The reason essential oils are a pricey alternative to some over-the-counter remedies is their purity and potency. They are an item that you are definitely paying for what you are getting. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the wonderful benefits of essential oils but have shied away because of the cost, I have a great solution for you! Build your complete essential oils kit without going broke with these simple tips!

1. Become a Consultant

Whether you want to purchase oils just for your family or are interested in exploring a simple and effective business opportunity, one of the easiest ways you can save some money on oils is joining as a consultant. I only have experience with doTerra, but I’m sure it’s similar with other providers as well.

By signing up as a consultant or wellness advocate with doTerra, you pay a low yearly fee and then have a number of opportunities to help you get more oils at a better price. First off, any oil you purchase as an advocate is at wholesale pricing or 25 percent off! Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn free products based on what you purchase individually or sell to others. You’ll also be eligible for free products and other promotions as the company offers them throughout the year.

The savings really add up at 25 percent off when you choose to become a wellness advocate. So, if you want to create your own kit of oils, this is really the way to go.

2. Pick a Starter Kit

Another great way to start building your kit is by choosing to purchase one of the starter kits upfront. These custom-built sets provide you with some of the most common essential oils and feature a slight discount when you purchase one in conjunction with signing on as a consultant. A few of my favorites are the Beginner’s Trio and the Family Physician Kit. Either of these products give you a nice basis for a few oils you can start using immediately even before you have a complete kit.

3. Purchase a Few Essential Oils at a Time

We’re not done building our kit, yet, but this is the way we’ve done it to buy the oils we want without completely maxing out our budget. I selected the Family Physician Kit, a set of 10 of the most common oils, to start with. After that we’ve chosen a couple of oils each month to add to our collection. By purchasing just a couple of oils intermittently, we’re able to build up our kit without spending more than $30 to $40 each month. That’s a purchase we can add into the monthly budget with no problem!

4. Take Advantage of Sales and Specials

doTerra offers special products and offers every month. Even as a wellness advocate, you are eligible for these specials, so use them to work on your kit! The specials differ ach month, but you typically get a savings of anywhere from 10 to 15 percent off! Stack your savings and build your kit.


If you thought there was no way you could build your own essential oils kit because you were concerned about the budget, think again! You can create a complete kit without going broke (it’ll just take you some time). Use these tips to start building your collection of essential oils today! Let me know if you have questions or visit doTerra to take a look around!

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What are your favorite essential oils? Have you started building your own essential oil kit yet?

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