How To Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Annual Ditch Day…Did you know that was really a thing (beyond your senior year of high school)? Yeah, me neither, but apparently it is. Only it applies to ditching your New Year’s resolutions rather than 8 hours of instruction time and happens mid-January every year (January 17th to be exact). I still kind of chuckle at the thought, but I get it too.

I mean, really…How many times have you set your sights on completely overhauling your life on the brink of January 1st only to have abandoned ship by a couple of days in? ✋🏼 No? Just me! Well, then for those of you who have your lives together, you can scroll on through. But I think the rest of us will admit it’s happened at least a time or two to us.

Honestly, that’s why I’ve gotten away from the whole resolutions thing and choose a focus word for the year as well as a few actionable goals to accomplish for the year. I don’t want to be a part of the “Ditch it!” trend, but I do realize there are times when we realize the goals we initially set for ourselves at the beginning of the year aren’t actually all that feasible (or we just need a little extra help getting there). So I thought I’d share a few tips on how I actually achieve my New Year’s resolutions goals each year!

Simple Tips to Help You Achieve New Year’s Resolutions

Alright, I’ll admit, most of these suggestions aren’t earth shattering, but I bet they will help you look at your resolutions a little differently. And hopefully they’ll also give you some practical suggestions for how to plan and take action toward achieving your goals this year.

1. Set action-oriented goals.

One of the big problems with resolutions is that they’re more a statement than an action plan. They’re more of a what than a how. So instead of setting resolutions, frame them as action-oriented goals tied to actual behaviors you can measure and track. For example, instead of saying, “I’ll loose 25 pounds this year,” you can say, “I’ll start working out 3-5 days a week.” And then obviously, you can break it down even further into steps that involve your nutrition, rest, and other components of self-care.

2. Get some accountability.

One of the most important factors in determining your success is accountability. Whether you’re working with a coach, a personal accountability partner, or a whole group, you need someone who is checking in with you to make sure you’re staying true to your word. Not only that, but you need someone counting on you that you’re going to show up every day! (That’s why I love my virtual wellness community!)

3. Find a way to track.

I’m a stickler for tracking your progress when it comes to your resolutions and goals, but before that progress can happen, you need to have system to track your behaviors (that are aligned to your goals). I use a few different systems to track my daily behaviors, but I love this super simple one featured in the Brilliant Life Planner. It’s literally a little check system where you can see any patterns show up in your behavior. It also makes it really easy to calculate your success rate, which can also help you tweak your behavior to make sure you’re on target to make progress.

Ready to ditch your New Year's resolutions already? Hold up! And check out my tips for actually making your resolutions happen instead!

4. Get inspired.

Another thing that I’ve found to have a huge impact on my success toward my goals is constantly filling my head and heart with inspiration. I invest at least 10-15 minutes every day reading or listening to something that challenges me and helps me grow my skill set, and it’s made THE biggest difference in my goal achievement hands down. (I just picked up Cultivate by Lara Casey, and it’s already rocking my world!)

Ready to ditch your New Year's resolutions already? Hold up! And check out my tips for actually making your resolutions happen instead!

5. Reevaluate your goals.

As much as I often hate to admit it, there comes a time when the goals that we set for ourselves (whether 2 weeks or 2 years ago) just aren’t feasible. So it’s important to make sure we take the time to evaluate our goals rather than just letting go of them altogether. Think of it with a “switch don’t ditch” mentality. So maybe rather than trying to support your favorite nonprofit on your own, you could work with a group to organize a fundraiser to make your goal more manageable and achievable. Just because you re-calibrate your goals a bit does not mean you’re not achieving the same goal in the long run.

As fun as a “Ditch Day” may sound, I tend to think that reassessing your goals and finding ways to actually make your resolutions achievable is a lot more life-giving! So tell me…are you ready to ditch your goals, or have you made some good progress on your resolutions so far! If you could use a little added support and inspiration, I’d love to have you join us over in our FREE Living Contently Wellness Community here!

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