Accountability In More Than Just Fitness

I frequently share how important accountability is for your health and fitness journey. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that without effective accountability, you’ll never really reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. However, I’ve recently been realizing how important accountability is in more than just fitness.Accountability is about more than just fitness. Discover how applying this concept can and will help you be more effective in every area of life.















Defined, accountability is being responsible for your actions (or lack there of) and answering for the results of those actions. It’s easy to see how accountability works with fitness. If you do the workouts and stay on track with your nutrition, then you’ll see progress. If you don’t, then you won’t. But how does this level of responsibility and commitment apply to other areas of our lives?

Again, it’s easy to see how accountability applies in your occupation or business. You likely have established goals that you need to achieve to move forward. But, when it comes to things like our relationships and marriage, the application of accountability may seem a bit fuzzier. However, when I’m saying that this concept is important in more than just fitness, this is exactly what I mean.

When life gets busy, one of the first areas to begin to suffer is my relationship with my husband. I know he loves me unconditionally and supports me in all that I do, and unfortunately I sometimes take that for granted. This came to my attention more than ever recently, and I decided one of the most effective ways to remedy it was to establish some accountability in this sense as well.

Not only are we sharing more openly with one another, but we’ve also begun a study with another couple that is focused on putting our marriages first. I know our relationships are personal and private, but having another couple holding us responsible for how we are treating and approaching one another has made all the difference in our┬áconsideration for one another, just like others holding me to my word makes me stick to my goals in my fitness journey.

The more that I think about this concept, the sillier I feel for not having applied it sooner. I mean, even the Bible encourages accountability. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 reads, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

We sometimes think of accountability as calling one another out. While that is sometimes a step that needs to be taken, it is more important to just join one another in the journey and to encourage and uplift one another, especially when it comes to establishing accountability in our relationships.

So, if you are currently struggling with a relationship or any other area of your life, my encouragement to you is to find some accountability – another individual who will hold you to a higher standard and will offer you the support you need to get there. This concept is about more than just fitness. It’s a biblical principle and one that will help you be more effective and successful in every area of your life. And that is what I want for all of you! <3

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