About LC

Hi there and welcome to Living Contently! I am Leesha, and it is my goal to provide you simple, everyday tips for living a more satisfied and intentional life. I am so glad you decided to join me.

My husband and I have did a whole lot of moving in the first years of our marriage, which means I have also spent a good bit of time getting to know myself better, and, in turn, learning a little lot more about living life. All of this to say, I’ve come to understand how much more important it is to “make a life and not a living,” and I want to be able to share that with other people, like you. Part of making a life, though, involves being content right where we are and learning to be happy with whatever the circumstance (Philippians 4:12). With a love for DIY projects, a keen interest in healthy living (yes, that includes toxin-free products, foods, etc.), and a desire to answer God’s call on my life, I am embarking on a journey to learn even more about Living Contently and sharing life with others (even if it is vicariously). I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Here you’ll find ideas for fitting in exercise on a busy schedule, tips for eating healthy and encouraging your family to do the same, suggestions for saving money and sticking to your budget, insights to help you find the good in everyday, and some general ramblings about my experiences as a new mama. I’d love to encourage one another in this crazy thing we call life. So, I hope you’ll stick around for a bit, interact with me, and help me create a community committed to living contently every day. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you’ll stay a while!