5 Tips for Making Homemade Baby Food

I get questions all the time on how I make my own baby food, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tips! I decided before little girl was born that I wanted to make her food because I wanted to stick to as natural as possible and know as much as I could about what I was putting into her body. And, let me tell you, I haven’t regretted it for a second! Plus, homemade is cheaper and tastes better! So, why would I not take a couple of extra minutes to prep food at home for my precious little one?Homemade baby food is so much cheaper and fresher. Check out my 5 tips for making your own baby food and discover how easy it can really be!















Now, that being said, I know as mamas we’re all crazy busy! So, don’t feel like you have to make all of the food for your little one, but if you choose to make some, here are a few tips I found to help.

1. Invest in the right tools. – Now, I’m not saying that you need to go out and purchase one of the baby puree systems, but having a good blender, food processor, etc. is essential. We have a Ninja and a Nutribullet that were both gifted to us, and I’ve found either work really well. If I’m doing a smaller batch, I typically opt for the Nutribullet, though. And, having some easy-to-use storage containers doesn’t hurt either.

2. Keep it simple. – That’s right. Just like with our own nutrition, the simpler the better. Think about it. Why would you need to buy banana baby food when you literally can just smash one up and serve it? That’s what I thought! 😉

3. Bake foods before pureeing. – Cooking your baby’s food before pureeing and serving it to break down the fibers in the food. This helps baby digest the foods more easily and just gives foods a yummier flavor in most cases.

4. Make small batches. – This may just be my baby, but her tastes changed so frequently, she’d go from loving something to being completely repulsed by it in a day or two. So, by keeping batches relatively small, I was able to avoid a lot of waste.

5. Try some new combos. – Just like us, babies’ tastes change over time, so it’s great to constantly give them new flavors and flavor combinations. I liked taking a stroll down the baby food aisle at the store to get a little inspiration.

So, that’s it. Making your own baby food literally is as simple as prepping the fruit or veggie, sticking it in the oven, and blending it up! While it does take a few more minutes than buying baby food, the time investment is truly minimal, but the benefit for baby is so huge!

Do you have any tips for making homemade baby food? I’d love to hear what worked for you!

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