5 Tips for Getting Over the Winter Blues

We’re officially in that drear period that happens around this time every year…It’s not quite spring, the beauty and wonder of the snow is long-gone, and the winter blues are setting in and full force. You feel me? I don’t know about you, but this time of year is the absolute hardest for me. I am a very weather-oriented person, and I need a little sunshine and warmth to thrive. But, I’ve found there are a few things I can do to get past the winter blues and feel good even when the weather is a little less than desired. If you’re with me and need a little pick-me-up this time of year, then check out my tips for getting over the winter blues.Most of us struggle with the winter blues to some extent. Use these tips to combat your winter blues and make the most of the season.

More Than the Winter Blues?

While some people may laugh off the idea of the winter blues, there is a diagnosable mood disorder associated with the weather conditions this time of year. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition that arises in association with limited sunlight and drearier conditions and is characterized by symptoms such as depression, sleep problems, lethargy, overeating, irritability, and feeling down. While I don’t feel like my level of “winter blues” would be diagnosable, if you try a few of my tips and still can’t seem to shake the feeling of apathy or sadness that this time of year can bring, it may be worthwhile to seek professional counsel. If you are struggling with a down-in-the-dumps attitude, though, give these remedies a try first.

1. Do Something Fun

Being cooped up in the house for long stretches is one contributor to the winter blues, so make some plans and do something fun. Go out to a movie, host a game night, or just meet a friend for coffee. The added activity will mix up your routine a bit and help you shake the melancholy.

2. Seek the Sunlight

Light is another significant factor that contributes to seasonal disturbances. If you’re feeling a little blue, do everything you can to get in a little sunlight. If you aren’t having any sunny days, then consider investing in a light box, or at least sit in a well-lit room for up to two hours a day.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

You diet can also contribute significantly to your mood. Eating a balanced diet wit lean protein, colorful fruits and vegetables, and slow-digesting carbs will give you more consistent energy, improve your mood, and help you avoid putting on added weight in the winter.Most of us struggle with the winter blues to some extent. Use these tips to combat your winter blues and make the most of the season.

4. Start a New Workout Program

Getting active is another great way to shake the winter blues, and nothing encourages me to get moving more than a new workout plan. Whether it’s a program you put together yourself or a developed plan, commit to it and start working out on a regular basis to get a little endorphin kick and get past the winter blues.

5. Spend Time with Friends and Family

Enjoying a social event is another great way to get out of a “funk.” Even if it’s just for a couple of hours, spending time with family or friends can rejuvenate you and help you through the hardest days.

Most of us struggle with the winter blues to some extent. If you find yourself in a bit of a “funk” this time of year, give these tips a try and see if they don’t help. This is how I get over the worst of the winter blues, and I know it’ll help you too!

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