5 Thanksgiving Day Activities to Keep the Kids Occupied

It can be tough to keep little hands and little bodies occupied on Thanksgiving Day as all of the last minute dinner preparations are being made. Instead of letting he troops get into their own mischief, why not have a few preplanned activities on hand to keep them occupied and add to the day’s festivities? I’ve found a few fun ideas that I love and just may use to help out the little ones at our family’s Thanksgiving this year. Check out these fun Thanksgiving Day activities to keep the kids occupied.It can be tough to keep little hands and little bodies occupied on Thanksgiving Day. Use these activities to add to the festivities and keep everyone busy.

1. Watch the Parade

Obviously this one goes without saying…Tune in to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and encourage the kids to watch. Make it even more fun with this Thanksgiving Parade Bingo! The children will have something engaging to do, which will leave your hands free for doing what you need to.

2. Make Hand Turkeys

Again, this is another “tried and true” Thanksgiving activity, but what kid doesn’t enjoy a fun and easy art project? Make an example of a hand turkey and have kids make their own to add to the table decorations. All it takes is a little construction paper, scissors, and crayons. Have them trace their hands, decorate, and their done!

3. Have a Pumpkin Hunt

You can set this one up ahead of time too, and the even better news is it’ll help the kids get out and burn off some energy before the big meal. Get several mini pumpkins and hide them just like you would Easter eggs. Then send the kids out to find them with the promise of a special treat for the one who finds the most.

4. Write Thank You Cards

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, so why not encourage a little gratitude in the little ones. Set out some paper, cards, pencils, pens, crayons, markers…and encourage the kids to write thank you cards to family, friends, neighbors, etc. After the meal you can spend time sharing the cards and reading each one.

5. Thankful Tree

This is another fun one for kids to work on just make sure they know they’re supposed to try it on their own while you are preparing the meal. Make an example of a tree with branches and leaves with all of the things you are thankful for and then encourage the children to do the same. Younger children can draw pictures while older ones can use words. After the family has eaten, everyone can share their trees.

These activities are a great way to encourage kids to embody the true reason for the holiday while keeping them busy at the same time. I love all of these Thanksgiving activities and can’t wait to get a few going at our family’s gathering this year.

What are your favorite ways to keep little hands and little bodies busy while the Thanksgiving meal is being made?

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