5 Simple Steps to Live a Healthy Lifestyle This Winter

Sticking with your exercise routine during the winter is tough. Keep up your fitness and live a healthy lifestyle despite the weather with these easy tips.Of any season, I find it hardest to keep up with my workout routine during the winter. Most days I’d rather just cuddle under a blanket on the couch rather than get up, dress up, and go workout. But, you know what? It’s most important to stick to a consistent plan in the winter because so much of our regular activity is limited by the weather. It’s too cold for walks outside, and we’re certainly not doing any yard work this time of year…But, we can still stay active, get fit, and live a healthy lifestyle this time of year. If you are like me and have a hard time being consistent with your exercise plan this time of your, use these tips to live a healthy lifestyle this winter and stay active.

1. Create an Exercise Plan

Having a plan is nearly the single best way to stay active any time of the year. A plan takes the thinking out of getting active and gives you a guideline to go by. I know for me, if I don’t have a plan, or at least a regular workout to go to, it’s a lot easier to just skip working out altogether. Whether it’s walking 30 minutes a day to a video, doing a combo of cardio and strength training, or taking advantage of online workout videos, create a plan that includes at least 2 to 4 weeks of workouts to help you get your workout in during the winter months.

2. Find a Work Out Buddy

A work out buddy serves as an accountability partner and helps you stay motivated. It’s much easier to push yourself to go workout if you have someone counting on you. Plus, you have someone to talk to if you take a buddy along with you. I regularly workout with Barnabas and stay accountable with my sister by checking in with her daily. It really helps, especially at this time of the year.

3. Mix It Up

Winter is especially hard to stay active because workout choices are somewhat limited. I really enjoy walking and jogging outside throughout the year, but it’s simply too cold for me right now. One way I get past winter workout boredom is changing it up once in a while. I have my go-to routine of walking regularly and doing a few added workout videos online, but I won’t hesitate to find a fun new routine if my feeling really unmotivated to get up and move. A few of my favorite mix it up workouts are Zumba and yoga.

4. Incorporate Seasonal Activities

Taking advantage of the weather is another great way to stay active. Make the winter weather work for you by putting in a workout doing a seasonal activity. Ice skating is a great workout and one that you can only enjoy this time of year. Or, consider heading outside with the kiddos for an afternoon of sled riding and snowball fighting. As long as you’re moving and getting your heart pumping, you’re getting the benefits of a good workout. Enjoy the weather and get a workout at the same time!

5. Set and Track Fitness Goals

If you’re really intent on staying active and being fit this season. Try setting some fitness goals for yourself and make sure you track your progress. Consider what you hope to accomplish by workout out regularly. Maybe it’s losing a few pounds, toning up and trimming your inches, or achieving a certain speed when running or walking…

Whatever your fitness goal is, write it out and then work toward achieving it. Having a goal to work toward will keep you motivated, especially if you track your progress. Weigh or measure yourself or time your run once a week and record your improvements. Being able to look at how your progressing gives your more incentive to keep up with regular workouts and keep going.

Staying active during the winter is tough, but you can do it with these simple tips! Stick with your work outs by creating an exercise plan, finding a work out buddy, mixing it up, enjoying seasonal activities, and setting fitness goals. If I can stay active and live a healthy lifestyle during the winter, so can you!

What are your best tips for living a healthy lifestyle during the winter? Do you haven any favorite exercises or work outs this time of year?

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