5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Just like every other holiday this year, it seems like Valentine’s Day has snuck up on us. We don’t do anything too major for this holiday, but we still like to do a little something for one another as a good reminder of how much we care. As I was thinking about what we want to do this year, I realized how little time we have, but I was also able to come up with some fun and simple last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day. If you’re in the same boat as me, don’t sweat it. There is still lots you can do before the big day, so check out these last minute Valentine’s Day ideas.Did Valentine's Day snuck up on you? Check out these last minute Valentine's Day ideas to celebrate the love!

1. Make a Handmade Valentine

There is nothing that says, “I thought of you,” quite like something homemade. So, take a few minutes and make a homemade valentine. It doesn’t have to elaborate. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, though, so make it nice and heartfelt.

2. Plan a Cozy Night In

Sure, a night out is nice, but it’s extra special to spend a cozy night in, especially on Valentine’s Day. Plan the activity for you and your loved one and make sure it is complete with a warm, yummy meal and maybe even some hot cocoa by the fire.

3. Send Some Cookies

There are lots of old standbys when it comes to Valentine’s gifts, so why not get a little more creative. Skip the chocolate, flours, and fruit, and send some heart shaped cookies instead. Better yet, make the cookies yourself and package them in a nice container for a really heartfelt gift.

4. Create a Photo-Sign Card

You can find all kinds of cards at the store, but why not send a more original one. I love this example, but you could really do whatever you want with it. Get creative and make your own sign card.

5. Make Breakfast in Bed

There are few things more pampering than being served breakfast in bed, but it still requires very little prep. Make breakfast in bed for your spouse and enjoy a slow start to the morning. Go as simple or elaborate as you want, but make it extra special by adding a few personal touches like a couple of flowers on the tray or a heart shaped doily under the plate.Did Valentine's Day snuck up on you? Check out these last minute Valentine's Day ideas to celebrate the love!





















You don’t have to go traditional this Valentine’s Day, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of time planning. Use these ideas to have a Valentine’s Day full of love even if it is last minute.

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