5 Fun and Frugal Ways to Ring in the New Year

I don’t know about you, but typically by the time we make it to the New Year, I’m ready for a little R&R for both my body and my budget. We generally go “all out” for Christmas – visiting the family, hosting a cookie exchange, enjoying our own Christmas at home…So, for New Year’s, we like to keep things a little more low key (and low budget). With a little creativity, it’s so easy to have a memorable New Year’s Eve, so check out my ideas…Your New Year’s Eve celebration doesn’t have to cost a lot to be memorable. Use these simple, cost-effective ideas to celebrate and ring in the new year.

1. Create a Smorgasbord and Watch the Ball Drop

Save a little cash but still enjoy some yummy treats by creating a smorgasbord of Christmas leftovers. Set out all the leftovers on a pretty tray, or combine a few things to create a new dish. Either way stay home with your snacks and watch the ball drop, and you won’t spend anything extra.

2. Host a New Year Game Night

Want to get together with friends without spending a lot? Host a game night and ask everyone to bring their favorite finger food or snack. No one will have to spend too much, everyone will get to spend time together, and you’ll make some memories of going into the new year.

3. Spend Some Time Reminiscing

Who said you have to have food to celebrate New Year’s? That’s right. You don’t. Leave the food out of the equation (and save a little room on your waistline), and just spend time remembering things that have happened throughout the previous year.

4. Keep It Simple

If you really do want to throw a party with all of the trimmings, just keep it simple and shop at the Dollar Tree or Target One Spot. Either place you can get some great decorations and fun doodads without spending very much. Keep your menu simple with just a few finger foods, and you’ll have a memorable party for a minimal budget.

5. Enjoy Someone Else’s Event

Okay, so this one might seem like a cop out, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying some fun with friends. Head to an event hosted by someone else, and take a simple hostess gift or dish to share.

Your New Year’s Eve celebration doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be fun and memorable. These ideas are simple, cost-effective ways to celebrate and ring in the new year.

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