5 Essential Oils for a Savory and Sweet Holiday Season

5 Essential Oils

I don’t know about you, but one aspect of the holidays that I look forward to every year is the yummy scent or aroma that fills the air. There is just something about the mixture of the freshness of the tree combined with sweet treats baking in the oven that just sticks in my mind and seems just as much a part of the holiday season as the gift giving and merry making.

Something that I’ve come to enjoy even more than just the scents themselves is the added health benefit that many of my favorite holiday scents offer, particularly when using essential oils. After doing a little selective research, based on my favorite holiday aromas, I discovered that many of these very scents deliver beneficial and even healing properties ranging from warding off depression to fighting germs.

Essential Oils for a Fragrantly Festive Holiday

You can make your Christmas even more festive this year with a few key essential oils. If you’re looking for a fragrant and health-enhancing scent to disperse in your home this holiday season, try one (or a mix) of my favorites – Cinnamon Bark, Wild Orange, Clove, Peppermint, and White Fir.

 1. Cinnamon BarkCinnamon Sticks 2

Warm and spicy, cinnamon essential oil has such an inviting and homey scent. As a key holiday fragrance, cinnamon not only embodies the holidays but also enhances your health. Cinnamon improves focus, increases energy, and heightens mood. If you’re tired from completing the endless items on your to-do list this season, consider diffusing cinnamon (and check out my tips for simplifying your holiday).

 2. Wild Orange

A perfect blend when combined with cinnamon, wild orange is a wonderfully uplifting aroma. Wild orange is a brighter note compared to cinnamon and brings he benefits of enhancing mood and fighting germs. This option also increases energy, which is perfect for this time of the year!

 3. Clove

Full and warm, clove is an essential spice in holiday baking. Clove is one of my favorite scents with its welcoming notes. Clove reduces stress, cleanses your senses, and creates an inviting ambiance for friends and family.

 4. PeppermintMint

I don’t do holiday baking without using peppermint in there somewhere, so peppermint is one of my go to scent options around the holidays. This minty oil refreshes the senses, increases energy, and calms digestion – all health benefits I need during the hectic holiday season.

 5. White Fir

What is Christmas without the scent of a fresh pine tree? If you aren’t quite up for the live tree, consider this option instead. White fir offers the refreshing scent of pine without the hassle of the tree. It also relaxes the senses, calms the nerves and enhances personal affect. I sometimes even like adding a drop or two of white fir to our tree to up its natural aroma even more.

Like I said, the scents of the holiday are just as much a part of my seasonal experience as any other aspect. With these essential oils, I am able to enjoy my favorite aromas all season long, and I get the added benefit of improving my health. I enjoy diffusing these oils and using them in a variety of ways in our home as cleaners and refreshers. Join me this season in using aromatic essential oils to make the holidays delightfully refreshing.

What are your favorite holiday scents? Do you have a go-to holiday essential oil?

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