Tuesday Tidbit, Obedience

We talked last week about God providing all of our needs. So, this week, I felt it was an appropriate segway to touch on His “requirements” for us. I don’t ever want Grace to think that she is “owed” anything, and I honestly believe that God teaches us that throughout the Bible. He asks us to have a response to Him, and through our response, He blesses us. God expects little of us but obedience to Him. Discover how He rewards our obedience and sets the expectation for us in today's mini-devotional.

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3-Ingredient Flourless Pancakes

Every once in a while I just really want a little comfort food but don’t want to sacrifice all of my hard work and progress to get it. On days like those, these 3-Ingredient Flourless Pancakes are perfect. They’re a great breakfast item, but because they’re full of protein I also sometimes even enjoy them for lunch (or dinner)! Plus, when they’re ready in just a couple of minutes, it makes it so much easier than other alternatives.As delicious as pancakes are, they aren't necessarily nutritious. Try this 3-ingredient, flourless recipe instead the next time you want pancakes! Continue reading

How To Create a Meal Plan

How to Create a Meal Plan You Can Actually Stick To

One of the elements that is always a component of my challenge groups is meal planning, and every single time I am so surprised at how many women tell me that they have never tried or don’t really know how to create a meal plan. We’ve honestly been doing it since we first got married although then it was primarily focused on saving as much money as we could rather than keeping things healthy. Either way, a meal plan is a great way to stick to your healthy habits and your budget goals, but it’s not always the easiest thing to stick to. So, I wanted to share a few of my tips for creating a meal plan that you can actually stick to. It’s not rocket science, and I’d venture to guess that the more you do it, the easier it will become.A meal plan is one of the easiest ways I've found to stick to our goals. Use my tips to create a plan that you can actually stick to and be successful! Continue reading

Tuesday Tidbit, God’s Provision

Something that God has really been impressing on my heart this week is literally how He so richly provides for us. It’s not just in big things either. He provides in simple, small, consistent ways, and for that I could not be more thankful.God's provision is greater than anything we can imagine. Discover the reality of his provision in today's mini-devotional.

That understanding of His provision is something that I also want to start cultivating in Grace right now. So, I decided there was no better verse than this one found in Philippians 4:19 to focus on this week, Continue reading

30-Day Progress with Insanity Max:30

I previously shared my progress with the 21 Day Fix, but since then I have done any real progress updates. So, I decided it was about time I did. Following the 21 Day Fix, I actually did a few rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme, and let me tell you when they say “Extreme,” they mean it. Haha. But, that’s actually not the most recent program I’ve been following.There is always progress to be made even when we've reached our "goal weight." Check out the progress I've made with Insanity Max:30 in today's update!

A little over a month ago I decided I wanted to do something hard. I wanted to challenge myself and prove to myself that I could step outside of my comfort zone and really go for it. So, I decided to take on a program that I wasn’t “sure” that I could do. I invested in Insanity Max:30, and warily I got started. Haha. Continue reading