Get Paid to Get Fit!

If you’ve ever heard of the website “Diet Bet,” you’re probably pretty familiar with how it works…The site hosts these “diet bets” for people who are committing to getting healthier and losing weight. Typically, you “buy in” with your own money and bet that you’ll lose at least 4 percent of your body weight in a certain period of time, and lots of other people do too! Essentially, you bet on yourself to win! And, if you do, you get your money back plus a little extra!

Obviously, if you lose, though, then you lose your money. It’s a great way to get motivated and hold yourself accountable. BUT…what if I told you you could do THE SAME thing without fronting any of your own money?! Would you be in??? Would you want to get PAID to get fit?

Have you been wanting to make some healthy changes but lacking the motivation to do so? Check out this challenge where you can actually get PAID to get fit!















Well, I’m excited to let you in on a pretty big secret, but you have to keep it quiet…

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More Than Just Gifts

So this is probably a little late in coming, but I figured since I am officially in full holiday mode that now is better than never! As we finish out our Christmas shopping, I really wanted to shift my focus this year and do a little something different. I’ve always tried to de-emphasize gifts, but especially as our daughter gets older I want to focus more on sharing experiences with her than just gifts.It's easy to give a gift of things, but what if you focused on giving something different this year? Check out experience-based gifts to give this year!















While that is still hard in a few ways with her age, I figured I could at least focus on doing it with everyone else on our list. So I decided to do a little brainstorming and came up with a few different ideas for gift ideas that were more than just gifts!

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Sweet Potato Toast

I’m always looking for better alternatives for my carbs and had heard of the sweet potato toast trend. I was a bit skeptical but finally decided to give it a try this weekend, and let me tell you, it was a real winner. Even my husband enjoyed it, and he’s always the naysayer when it comes to crazy “health foods.”Looking for a better carb alternative? Give this easy sweet potato toast recipe a try! It's simple, yummy, and super-filling!















I loved this option so much that I decided I’d share my recipe with you so you can give it a try too! It’s SO easy and super-yummy! Plus, it kept me full longer than your typical wheat toast would!

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5 Ways to Make this Holiday Different

I don’t know about you, but it seems like for me the holiday season has always been about one thing…The FOOD! Now, don’t bet me wrong. I know the real reason for the season, but as far as celebrating goes, most of our traditions revolve around food. And I don’t mean the healthy ones. So as I begin to plan for the upcoming holiday season, I’m determined to make this year different.

I don’t want to sacrifice all of those things that I enjoy, including the flavors and scents of the holiday season. But I want to be able to enjoy and find a little more balance with everything. So here are the 5 ways I’ll be making this holiday different in an effort to stay on track!It's easy to make the holiday season all about the food, but there's no balance in that. Use these tips to make this holiday different and enjoy the season! Continue reading

3-Ingredient Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

The holiday season brings with it a plethora of challenges when it comes to following any type of nutrition plan. While clean eating isn’t necessarily easy during the holiday season, the flexibility it provides makes it doable, especially with yummy recipes like this easy 3-Ingredient Chicken & Sweet Potatoes made in the crockpot! Don’t take my word for it, though! Give it a try yourself and see how simple clean eating can be even this time of year!Need an easy, nutritious meal? You can't go wrong with this Clean Eating 3-Ingredient Chicken & Sweet Potatoes! Just toss it in the crockpot and forget it! Continue reading