Turkey and Bean Chili Verde

There are few foods I consider more comforting and fall-esque than a nice pot of warm chili, but it can also be a pretty heavy meal that doesn’t always pack a lot of nutrition. So rather than go with a typical chili recipe this fall, I tweaked the classic Chile Verde recipe and came up with this lighter version. You can’t have too many chili recipes, can you?!There are few foods more comforting than a nice pot of chili. Try this recipe for a lightened up, nutrition intensified version of the old classic!

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No Cook Pumpkin Pie Play Dough

With the cooler weather quickly approaching, I’ve found myself wanting to get a jump on all thins pumpkin. So, the other day when I was trying to come up with a fun activity, I couldn’t help but do one that was fall themed. I knew a basic recipe for no cook play dough, so I decided to use it and add a little of one of my favorite fall spices to make this Pumpkin Pie Play Dough! It was a real hit all around, and I didn’t have to worry about it going into little mouths because all the ingredients are edible!Want a fun, safe fall activity for almost any age? Give this easy No Cook Pumpkin Pie Play Dough a try! It smells delicious and is non-toxic!

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15 Self-Care Ideas

After having my daughter, I found myself feeling drained and just a little distraught. (Can any other new mamas relate?) I was giving so much attention to caring for my daughter that I was taking very little time to take care of me, and I was just out of steam. As selfish as I felt at the time, I started carving out a few minutes a day to take care of me – working out, reading a book, showering…And I quickly found that if I did take that time for me, I was a better mom and wife and just had more in general to give. Self-care. That’s what it is about. When I take better care of me, I take better care of them.Though self-care can feel selfish, it’s essential for establishing overall good health. Use these tips to improve your general health.


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Accountability In More Than Just Fitness

I frequently share how important accountability is for your health and fitness journey. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that without effective accountability, you’ll never really reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. However, I’ve recently been realizing how important accountability is in more than just fitness.Accountability is about more than just fitness. Discover how applying this concept can and will help you be more effective in every area of life.

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Blueberry Frozen Greek Yogurt Pops

We’ve had several hot days right in a row recently, which left me wanting some kind of sweet, cool treat! I love ice cream, but it doesn’t always love me. So, I came up with this delicious alternative! These Blueberry Frozen Greek Yogurt Pops are so easy, and they help me stay on track with all of my health and fitness goals. So, that’s a win all around in my book!We all get a craving for a sweet creamy treat at some point. These Blueberry Frozen Greek Yogurt Pops are the perfect alternative, and everyone loves them!

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